PaintGlow UV Blood

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PaintGlow UV Blood

Fake blood is a gold star winner when it comes to amateur filming, stage makeup and of course your Halloween shindigs, but that’s why it’s used by every Tom, Dick and Harry on the block. However, here at PaintGlow we always aspire to be a cut above the rest, which is why we have created a uniquely ghoulish Halloween blood formula that will scare not only your friends but yourself! The mixologist said it couldn’t be done but Paintglow do like a challenge and just check out the results. Say hello the very first colour changing UV Fake Blood!

The original UV Fake Blood and still the very best!

Once exposed to UV light your theatrical blood creations will dazzle and glow either orange or green!. Whether you’d like to create gory Halloween wounds and seeping scars, or realistic stage and theatrical blood masterpieces, PaintGlow’s Fake UV Blood is the original and the best! Rich, thick and conjealing, with our simple to use formula, you don't need to be an artist to look like you’ve just escaped a zombie apocalypse.

It’s more than Fake UV Blood, it’s the ultimate ghoulish gore!

I know what you’re thinking...there’s gonna be one of hell of a messy catch! Relax, there really isn’t! Forget dodgy red stains and ruby red rashes, all PaintGlow products are dermatologically tested and cosmetically approved, simply use a little soap and water to remove your bloody masterpiece. Happy skin = happy mind.


  • 13ml tube
  • UV reactive
  • Glows either Orange or Green under UV light
  • 100% cruelty free
  • Dermatologically tested