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Mehron Powder Puff

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Mehron Powder Puff

The Mehron Powder Puff is inspired by classic glamour and vintage cosmetics. Mehron Powder Puffs are designed to deliver smooth, even coverage of loose and pressed powders. Available in three convenient sizes, each will cover specific areas of the face and body for perfect application of setting and finishing powders. Mehron’s new custom made silky-soft Body Puff is encased in plush baby pink velour with a scarlet red ribbon and provides flawless and luxurious coverage every time. Mehron Powder Puffs are available in a 3.5”, 4.75” and a 5.75” size.

How to use this product:

• Load the puff with powder and remove any excess by gently shaking it off with the hand or tissue.
• Apply in light pressing motions, ensuring even coverage over the desired areas.
• To clean, hand wash with warm water and a small amount of gentle laundry soap.
• Rinse, squeeze, and lay flat to air dry.

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