Com Art Colours Opaque-Transparent Acrylic Paint, Kit G

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By Iwata
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Com Art Colours Opaque/Transparent Acrylic Paint, Kit G

This 10 bottle set of 1oz half Opaque & half Transparent Com Art Colours are non-toxic, airbrush-ready, water-based acrylic paints that also work great with a paintbrush. They dry instantly to a matte finish for precise color matching. Com Art Colours are lightfast and use the finest ground pigments so they will spray smoothly and won't clog your airbrush.

Kit includes 1oz bottles of each of the following colors:


  • 1002 OP White
  • 1001 OP Black
  • 1003 OP Ultramarine
  • 1007 OP Hansa Yellow
  • 1011 OP Carmine


  • 2001 TR Black
  • 2004 TR Royal Blue
  • 2011 TR Bright Yellow
  • 2016 TR Bright Red
  • 2018 TR Violet

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