Ben Nye Tooth Color

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By Ben Nye

Ben Nye Tooth Color

Ben Nye Tooth Color is applied to dry teeth and allowed to dry for a few minutes.  Black creates broken or chipped teeth.  Nicotine, Decay, or Zombie Rot simulates poor dental hygiene.  Reapply Ben Nye Tooth Color as needed and remove with alcohol on a swab and then brush your teeth clean.  Ben Nye Tooth Color will not stain denture material.  .125 oz  You can expect to be able to color 20 to 50 teeth.

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Rita Tourner
Great Coverage!

I'm putting together a Tade from Dungeon Meshi cosplay and needed something to give the illusion of her knocked out tooth- this Ben Nye Tooth color was perfect! It's worth the time and effort to make sure your tooth/teeth that are coming in contact with the color are super dry before application, and then giving plenty of dry time post-application as well.
It stayed on after drinking, but not after snacking- so be prepared to pack the tooth color in your touch up bag when you head out to whatever convention /party you're dressing up for!

Sarah Danella
Perfect product!

This helps take my looks to that extra level!

Better than Mehron

I have always been a user of the Mehron tooth color, but the Ben Nye is far better! It doesn’t feel gross on my teeth and is not thick at all. Much more comfortable than other brands.