Kryolan Mastix P Spirit Gum

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Kryolan Mastix P Spirit Gum

Kryolan Mastix P Spirit Gum is one of our best selling adhesives and is perfect for attaching beards, wigs, small prosthetic appliances, and even Kryolan Body Jewels. We especially love this adhesive because it is clear in color versus other amber colored spirit gums. This is particularly useful when using the adhesive for lace front wigs because this adhesive does not cause yellowing of the hairline. One of the other key benefits of this product is that it stands up far better to perspiration and oil secretion from the skin, which allows it to last longer than other spirit gums without having to resort to much stronger medical prosthetic adhesives. We always recommend that you remove the product using Kryolan Mastix P Spirit Gum Remover.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Superior hold compared to traditional spirit gum
  • Clear formula, no yellowing
  • Brush Top Cap for easy application (50ml size only)
Directions For Use

Apply the adhesive with a brush to the area of the skin where you will apply the item to be adhered. Press the item to be adhered onto the skin ensuring proper placement since the adhesive will harden/dry quickly and correcting placement will not be possible. To remove, use Kryolan Mastix P Spirit Gum Remover and Thinner.

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Warren Johnson
Best Spirit Gum

Kryolan Mastix P Spirit Gum is my go-to adhesive for facial hair onstage. It holds longer than regular spirit gum and is easy to remove when the show is done.

joann davis

Kryolan Mastix P Spirit Gum?

Spencer Fitches
Mastix P Spirit Gum

The best Spirit gum to use