bdellium tools Studio 952 Small Rounded Double Dome Brush

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bdellium tools Studio 952 Small Rounded Double Dome Brush

bdellium tools Studio 952 Small Rounded Double Dome Brush is a unique, symmetrical double dome brush for quicker, effortless application and blending. It functions as a two-in one, multi-tasking brush so 1) you don’t need to hold multiple brushes in one hand while you’re working 2) your kit stays lighter and less bulky. This brush achieves a better airbrushed look than a single dome brush. Use for every step from skin prep to primer, foundation, concealer, contour, and blush. Works with liquid, cream, and powder products - it does it all! The Double Dome Blender consists of both a small and large dome. The small dome has a matte surface with micro wavy bristles, whereas the large dome has a shiny surface with straight bristles. The large dome picks up less product for a thinner application, whereas the small dome picks up more product for a thicker application. Apply foundation using the longer, flat side of the brush. Then, use the shorter side with the double dome to diffuse and soften the foundation. If you would like to lay the foundation thicker, also use the shorter side with the double dome and stipple. The large dome will simultaneously work with the small dome to achieve more coverage in less time. The design of the slightly angled ferrule provides a comfortable and easier application.

  • Double action application
  • Double coverage in less time
  • Uniquely designed with two different bristles for the functional benefit
  • 10-degree bent ferrule design for easy application
  • Use both sides of the brush for flawless application and blending
  • All synthetic bristles, Metalized plastic ferrule, Painted wooden handle
  • Length : 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)

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Amanda Chevalier

This brush is amazing, I am in love with it and plan on getting all the other sized versions too!

Faye Canada
The Next Level Makeup Brush

With some how to use instruction from the wonderful guys in the store and a lot of creativity on my part this is a whole other level in the makeup brush game. I love the brush and I am so happy for the introduction to a better brush!