Ben Nye FX Color Wheels

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By Ben Nye

Ben Nye FX Color Wheels

Ben Nye FX Color Wheels are a remarkable artistic resource to create burns, bruises, aging, and other character effects.  Red and purple shades are formulated in new high-intensity "ultimate effect" formula.  Achieve a thin "stain" by blending with several drops of alcohol on a brush.  Set Ben Nye FX Color Wheels with Ben Nye Neutral Set powder and follow up with a light spray of Ben Nye Final Seal for extra durability.

The wheels contain the following colors:

  • Bruises Contains - Sallow Green, Midnite Violet, Dark Burgundy, Purple
  • Cuts & Bruises Contains - Sapphire Blue, Yellow, Blood Red, Forest Green
  • Bruise & Abrasions Contains - Fresh Cut, Misty Violet, Maroon, Goldenrod
  • Burns & Blisters Contains - Medium Plum, Fire Red, Charcoal Blue, Burnt Coral
  • Age Stipple Contains - Capillary Stipple, Liver Spot, Age Spot, Freckle Stipple
  • Age Effects Contains - Capillary Stipple, Liver Spot, Grey Purple, Vein FX
  • Severe Exposure Contains - Capillary Stipple, Fire Red, Dark Sunburn, Dusty Rose
  • Old Character I Contains - Character Shadow, Ultralite, Misty Violet, Capillary Stipple
  • Old Character II Contains - Midnite Brown, Maroon, Misty Violet, Light Brown Highlight
  • Camouflage Contains - Desert Tan, Cinnamon, Coal, Army Green

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Anthony Cantos
Very vibrant

Colors look beautiful on my skin