Ben Nye Professional Creme Wheels

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By Ben Nye

Ben Nye Professional Creme Wheels

Ben Nye Professional Creme Wheels provide professionals with unlimited character options.  Reds, purples and violets are designed in Ben Nye's Ultimate F/X Formula.  All colors can be layered for intensity and thinned with alcohol to create a translucent wash.  Blood shades are great to simulate various subtle injuries (fresh or healing).  Set Ben Nye Professional Creme Wheels makeup with Neutral Set colorless powder.

Master Disaster - Dark Crimson, Fresh Cut, Black & Blue, Blood Red, Blue, White

Zombie - Dried Blood, Midnite Violet, Goldenrod, Bruise, Sallow Green, Steel Grey

Monster - Blue Spirit, Cadaver Grey, Maroon, Misty Violet, Sallow Green, White

Death - Frankenstein, Death Blue Grey, Death Flesh, Death Purple, Death Straw, Pale Vampire

Pro Bruises - Sallow Green, Midnite Violet, Dark Burgundy, Purple

Pro Cuts & Bruises - Sapphire Blue, Yellow, Blood Red, Forest Green

Master Bruise - Midnite Violet, Sallow Green, Blood Red, Dark Burgundy, Purple, Yellow

Pro Bruise & Abrasions - Fresh Cut, Misty Violet, Maroon, Goldenrod

Pro Burns & Blisters - Medium Plum, Fire Red, Charcoal Blue, Burnt Coral

Trauma Simulation - Blue, Fire Red, Death Burgundy

Rainbow - Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Fire Red, Black

Red, White & Black - Black, Fire Red, White


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Ben Nye Professional Creme Wheels

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