Kryolan Silicone Adhesive NEO

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Kryolan Silicone Adhesive NEO

Kryolan Silicone Adhesive NEO is a special effects adhesive that is safe for skin use. The formulation of the adhesive is odorless and does not dry while being applied or form webs on the applicator brush. This silicone adhesive is also pressure sensitive which allows artists to apply prosthetics and correct the positioning of the prosthetics until the prosthetic is firmly pressed into place. Kryolan Silicone Adhesive NEO comes in regular bond and strong bond formulas so that you can use the correct strength for your SFX project. The adhesive comes in 50ml bottles (brush is not included).

Key Benefits and Features

  • Odorless
  • Does not dry while being applied
  • Does not web on applicator brush
  • Pressure Sensitive to allow for correction until firmly pressed into place
Directions For Use

To use this product, apply adhesive to the skin area where you plan to adhere an object. Allow the adhesive to dry for a few seconds before applying the object to be adhered. The adhesive will remain tacky until you firmly press the adhered object into place.

To remove, use Kryolan Silicone Adhesive Remover and then wash the skin with warm water and soap.

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Fernando Prudencio
Worked Great

This product worked extremely well on my sweaty oily skin in New Orleans for Halloween for 7+ hours. I can not recommend this product enough.