ProAiir Hybrid Waterproof Makeup - 4oz

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ProAiir Hybrid Waterproof Makeup - 4oz

ProAiir Hybrid Waterproof Makeup is the next generation for airbrushing and body painting. ProAiir Hybrid is fully water repellent, so under any condition, this makeup is going to hold up! The wear is durable, the shelf life is long, and because there is no water in formula, the pigment does not separate from the fluid. Removal of the product is easy: just use baby oil, makeup remover, or lather with liquid soap (no water), and then rinse with water. 4 ounce bottle

We also carry a bigger variety of colors in 2 Ounce Bottles.

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Amanda Chevalier
Pro Aiir Teal

I love this color! It is amazing I love it for Sally looks and I love it for any Art Deco look! Great coverage and an awesome sent!

Madison Monceaux
Love it

The best water proof airbrush paints for out door haunts

Dr.SkuLL's ProAir Review

I've been body painting since 1998, and this is the only airbrush makeup I will use. Incredible coverage, vibrant colors, cost effective, and always improving. Top it all off with the sweet apple scent that my clients and I both enjoy and you have, in my opinion, the best airbrush makeup on the market today

Our dear friend Dr Skull!!! So glad you came to the shop when you where in Orlando for Spooky Empire. Cant wait to have you in to teach a class once we get the new location open. Thank you for your expertise over the years.