RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation Palette

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RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation Palette

RCMA has made it easier than ever for you to take your favorite shades on the go with the RCMA 5 Part Series Foundation Palette. Whether you're on your way to set or spending a night out on the town, take our "Series Favorite" palette with you and never be without your favorite shades. These brilliant RCMA palettes contain the most popular and highly demanded shades from RCMA in a slim hard case that you can take on the go. The RCMA Foundation shades included in each palette are as follows:

  • KA Series: KA-1, KA-2, KA-3, KA-4, KO-2
  • KO Series: KO-1, KO-2, KO-3, KO-4, KO-7
  • KT Series: KT-1, KT-2, KT-3, KT-34, KT-4
  • Olive Series: Gena Beige, Olive-2, Olive-3, Tantone, Olive-4
  • Shinto Series: Shinto-1, Shinto-2, Shinto-3, Shinto-4, Shinto-5
  • Shinto Dark Series: Shinto-4, Shinto-5, Shinto-6, Shinto-7, Shinto-8

How to use: For best results, remove a small amount of product and place on a mixing palette or the back of your had to warm up. Apply with a brush, sponge, or fingers, and blend into the skin.

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Great for makeup kit

This foundation palette is versatile. You can blend and mix shades to create foundation tones. I use this for the brides and when working with clients. Works well.