Worbla Black Art

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Worbla Black Art is is a Thermoplastic sheet with all of the same qualities as regular Worbla and can be cut and molded into pretty much anything you can conceive!  

Worbla Black Art differs from standard Worbla in one important way...it has a smoother finish and it can take far finer detail than standard Worbla.  The black base color allows you to skip priming of the surface altogether if you wish!  Available in Full Sheets (39″ x 59″) and Half Sheets (39″ x 29.5″).  For use in Armor, Shields, Weapons, Gauntlets, Leg Guards, and just about any Cosplay application where you need a fully formable and rigid material to hold your design!  Don't waste any scraps because this product can be heated and reformed so that you can reuse it in another application!

Please note that it is not recommended to use Wood Glue on Worbla Black Art as the surface is non-porous and will chip off where the material flexes or at joints!  Worbla Black art will complete your Cosplay!


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