Createx Colors UVLS Gloss Clear 4oz

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Createx Colors UVLS Gloss Clear 4oz

Createx Colors UVLS Gloss Clear 4oz is a versatile multi-surface, water-based clear that dries to a high gloss finish. With exceptional performance as a top coat, mix medium, or clear primer, the UVLS Clears have been optimized for use on nearly any project and are compatible with all Createx paints. Use UVLS Gloss Clear as:

  • Top Coat— For ultimate protection and durability both indoors and outdoors, top coat your project with UVLS Clears.  It’s Ultra Violet Light Stabilizing (UVLS) properties provide your underlying paint pigments and dyes the highest possible protection indoors and outdoors.  This acrylic-aliphatic polyurethane clear creates an architectural-grade top coat with excellent mar resistance.
  • Mix Medium— When using candy2o concentrated dyes, UVLS Gloss Clear makes the perfect carrier.  With a slower dry time than other mixing mediums, it allows the layers of color to blend into each other for optimum control and even coverage.
  • Clear Primer— For superior adhesion to any hard or non-porous surface, UVLS Clears are a prefect primer for direct to metal, plastic, wood or any other surface.
One bottle, three applications. Tips:
  • Thin 5% - 10% per volume with Createx Colors 4011 Reducer & Thinner when applying by spray gun or airbrush
  • Try UVLS Clears on surfaces where you need the protection and filling qualities of a primer, but don’t want to conceal the existing finish, such as figured wood. 

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