Epic Cosplay Aries Wig

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Epic Cosplay Aries Wig

The Epic Cosplay Aries Wig is a short curly wig style. Measuring from the back-most part of the skin top to the ends, the fibers are approximately 16" long. When the curls are straightened, the fibers will then measure about 18". This short curly wig can withstand heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (however we do suggest keeping the heating tools at a lower temperature of 350 Fahrenheit, since long term exposure to high heat can change the texture of the wig fiber). The skin top is 2" x 4", which allows for a wider range of parting for any hair style.

  • Cap Size: 23"
  • Length: 16" Curly, 18" Straightened
  • Skin Top: 2" x 4"

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