Iwata Professional Airbrush Maintenance Tools

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Iwata Professional Airbrush Maintenance Tools

Iwata Professional Airbrush Maintenance Tools provide the ultimate airbrush maintenance experience to users. Included in the Iwata Professional Airbrush Maintenance Tools are: Iwata Soft Jaw Pliers, Iwata Air Valve Guide Wrench, Iwata Needle Packing Screw Drivers (1.2mm and 1.4mm) and the Iwata Nozzle Wrench.  

Iwata Needle Packing Screw Drivers (1.2 mm, 1.4 mm): Easily remove, assemble and adjust the airbrush needle packing set (needle packing screw and packing) with the Iwata Needle Packing Screw Drivers. The needle packing set prevents paint from back-flowing into the main lever mechanism and is used to adjust the sliding tension of the needle. To remove the needle packing set, choose the appropriate screw driver (see list below). The screw driver pin size is the same diameter as the needle. With the airbrush disassembled, insert the screw driver into the back of the airbrush body until it connects with the needle packing screw as shown. Slowly turn the screw driver to engage the slots in the needle packing screw and unscrew. The packing set should be on the screw driver pin when removed or it may have fallen into the airbrush body. To assemble, place the needle packing set onto the pin of the screw driver, engaging the slots. Slowly insert through the back of the airbrush body until the needle packing screw is seated and gently tighten. To adjust the needle tension, slide the pin slowly back and forth (to feel the tension) while tightening or loosening the screw. 

The 1.2mm Screw Driver fits: Custom Micron Series — CM-B, CM-C, CM-SB, CM-C Plus; Hi-Line Series — HP-AH, HP-BH; High Performance Plus Series — HP-A Plus, HP-B Plus, HP-SB Plus; High Performance Series — HP-A, HP-B, HP-SB; Revolution Series — HP-AR, HP-BR, HP-TR2; Kustom Series — Micron CM; NEO for Iwata — CN, BCN.

The 1.4mm Screw Driver fits: Hi-Line Series — HP-CH, HP-TH; High Performance Plus Series — HP-C Plus, HP-BC Plus, HP-BC1P; High Performance Series— HP-C, HP-BC, HP-BC2; Eclipse Series — HP-BS, HP-CS, HP-BCS, HP-SBS; Revolution Series — HP-CR, HP-BCR, HP-SAR, HP-TR1; Kustom Series — Eclipse CS, Hi-Line CH, Revolution TR, HP-TH; NEO for Iwata — TRN1, TRN2.

Iwata Soft Jaw Pliers: Use these specialized pliers to assemble or disassemble your airbrush. The nylon jaw inserts grip firmly without damaging the chrome surface. Replacement inserts are available. 

Iwata Air Valve Guide Wrench: Select the small or large diameter end of the Iwata Air Valve Guide Wrench for your specific airbrush model (see list). For air valve replacement, fit the wrench into the two slots of the air valve guide and unscrew. Remove and replace the air valve and reassemble. To customize the main lever spring tension, simply loosen or tighten the air valve guide.

The Small diameter end is used for: Custom Micron Series — CM-B, CM-C, CM-SB, CM-C Plus; Hi-Line Series — HP-AH, HP-BH, HP-CH, HP-TH; High Performance Plus Series — HP-A Plus, HP-B Plus,  HP-C Plus, HP-BC Plus, HP-SB Plus, HP-BC1P; High Performance Series — HP-A, HP-B, HP-C, HP-BC, HP-BC2, HP-SB; Revolution Series — HP-TR1, HP-TR2; Kustom Series — Hi-Line CH, Micron CM, Revolution TR, HP-TH.

The Large diameter end is used for: Eclipse Series — HP-BS, HP-CS, HP-BCS, HP-SBS; Kustom Series ­— Eclipse CS; Revolution Series — HP-AR, HP-BR, HP-CR, HP-BCR, HP-SAR. 

Does not fit NEO for Iwata Series airbrushes.

Iwata Nozzle Wrench: The self-centering Iwata Nozzle Wrench is used to remove or tighten the nozzle onto the airbrush body without the risk of over-tightening. Does not fit the Iwata Eclipse Series airbrushes and the NEO for Iwata TRN2 side-feed trigger airbrush.

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