Lumin's Workshop Mini Hex Textured EVA Foam

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Lumin's Workshop Mini Hex Textured EVA Foam

Lumin's Workshop Mini Hex Textured EVA Foam is the perfect way to add fine detailed textures to your armour or props! To use, simply cut out a piece of textured foam for the size of your project, heat the back side with a heat gun and then form to the required shape. For best results, we recommend building a base with a thickness of foam thinner then you require your final piece, then layer on the texture foam as a skin. Since the texture foam is made from our Form-Lite EVA Foam, it can be stretched to create a skin over formed curved pieces without the need for a seam. Note: Heating the front will result in a loss of texture definition. These textures are pressed on to our Form-Lite EVA foam. Each sheet is 100cm x 100cm.

Thickness: 3mm
Density : 125kg /m3 
Hardness: Shore 45

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