Elope Neon Flip Ups Glasses

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By Elope

Elope Neon Flip Ups Glasses

Those of us who wear glasses understand the teasing that can happen towards youthful glasses wearers. Four Eyes, nerd, and other cruel nicknames can make a child ashamed of their lenses. If only they knew that when they grew up, people would love to wear glasses of all kinds, even if they didn't need a prescription! Something that hasn't become popular, however, are flip up glasses and sunglasses clips. They might not be cool, but they make for great vintage costume accessories! If you're headed back to the 80s, then make sure you have a pair of these Neon Flip Ups Glasses. 

These flip up shades are totally groovy, dude! The main frames are lime green, with blue starting at the temples. Those lenses are clear. The flip up section of the frame is dreamsicle orange, and the lenses are striped in alternating tints of gray. And yes, they DO flip up and down! You'll totally look the part with these beauties on your face. So whether you've got a costume party or just want a funny retro accessory, these old school frames have your name on them. We promise not to make fun of them!

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