Out Of Kit Bruise Transfer

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The Out Of Kit Bruise Transfer is a trauma transfer that applies just like temporary tattoos and will allow you to add a bruise effect much faster than using makeup. The Bruise Transfer comes in 5 different styles to suit your needs.

The bruises measure approximately as follows:

Style 1 - 4.2" x 4.3"

Style 2 - 4" x 4.2"

Style 3 - 4" x 5"

Style 4 - 3.8" x 5.5"

Style 5 - 2.5" x 5.6"

Directions For Use

To Apply:
1. Clean and dry the surface of the skin before removing the protective film from the transfer art and press firmly into place.
2. Place a wet paper towel on the surface of the transfer art in order to wet thoroughly.
3. Gently remove paper towel and the transfer art backing.
4. Dry the finished transfer art thoroughly and sponge or spray a coat of makeup sealer all over before painting and finishing.

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