Rubber Wear Canine Nose Prosthetic Appliance

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Rubber Wear Canine Nose Prosthetic Appliance

The Rubber Wear Canine Nose Prosthetic Appliance is a foam latex prosthetic appliance designed to transform your subjects nose into a canine nose.

Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetic appliances are high quality and feather light appliances designed by third generation special effects make-up artist Rob Burman (IMDB Profile). Rubber Wear prosthetic appliances are carefully sculpted, textured like skin, and feature tissue thin edges for invisible blending. These foam appliances are run at high speed to create a fluffy appliance that looks, feels, and moves naturally with the body or face, yet they are strong enough to last for an entire day.

Rubber Wear prosthetic appliances can be applied using most common adhesives such as Spirit Gum or Pros Aide. Foam Latex prosthetic appliances should be sealed with Castor Sealer prior to makeup application. The edges of the prosthetic appliance can be blended using 99% Alcohol.


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Robbie Hendrix
Canine nose prosthetic

This is a great quality prosthetic, I just wish it were a little bigger for the price. I have worn others in the past which were bigger, but this quality is just as great. Can’t wait to use this with my Halloween costume.

Very light and detailed

Incredibly light, super soft, and detailed! Perfect for my Halloween costume coming up! Worth every penny. Can’t breathe through it though.


The good can’t breath tho