Rubber Wear Cyrano Nose Prosthetic Appliance

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Rubber Wear Cyrano Nose Prosthetic Appliance

This Rubber Wear Cyrano Nose Prosthetic Appliance is a foam latex prosthetic appliance styled after Cyrano de Bergerac and comes in 2 sizes.

Rubber Wear foam latex prosthetic appliances are high quality and feather light appliances designed by third generation special effects make-up artist Rob Burman (IMDB Profile). Rubber Wear prosthetic appliances are carefully sculpted, textured like skin, and feature tissue thin edges for invisible blending. These foam appliances are run at high speed to create a fluffy appliance that looks, feels, and moves naturally with the body or face, yet they are strong enough to last for an entire day.

Rubber Wear prosthetic appliances can be applied using most common adhesives such as Spirit Gum or Pros Aide. Foam Latex prosthetic appliances should be sealed with Castor Sealer prior to makeup application. The edges of the prosthetic appliance can be blended using 99% Alcohol.

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Jamie Nieschwitz
realistic nose

We ordered the Cyrano nose for our schools competitions. The nose is very realistic, soft, and very comfortable. If I give it any flaws, it would be that it seems very fragile, and we have multiple performances to do. I pray that if we take good care with it, that it will last for the entire season.

Alan Ababon
Nose Prosthetic

I will be using it for Halloween and needed a long nose to be Gru from Despicable Me. I've tried it on to see how it would look and feel and honestly, this product is comfortable and allows easy breathing, I didn't use the glue yet but will. I have already purchase some color to match my facial color tones. I can't wait for Halloween. Thanks again for a quick and prompt service.

Madison Cole
Large is I'm definitely worth it!

I loved it! I did make up for an outdoor production of Cyrano, and these noses withstood the difficulty of a sand stage. Definitely worth it. Use Pros Aide for the best adhesion