Worbla Finest Art Thermoplastic Sheets for Cosplay & Crafts

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Worbla Finest Art Thermoplastic Sheets for Cosplay & Crafts

Worbla Finest Art is a thermoplastic sheet that can be cut and molded into pretty much anything you can conceive.  Worbla Finest Art is shaped using Hot Air, Water, or Steam. One side of the product is the “glue” side, so it can be layered with other sheets of Finest Art, Foam, Fabric, or anything else. The product cools and hardens to hold its shape, and it can be sanded and finished with paints! The best thing about Worbla Finest Art is that any scraps that you have can be blended with each other and used like clay or putty, so you have zero waste!  Worbla Finest Art is available in Full Sheets (39″ x 59″) and Half Sheets (39″ x 29.5″).

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Lexi Wellech-Papillon

Super awesome and the staff was super communicative with my order!


My first endeavor into thermoplastics I decided to try Worbla after watching some YouTube videos. I found it easy to work with once I figured out how much heat the product could take. I will use left overs for more products.

Stanley Ragin
Such a great experience

The quality of this worbla is top notch! Shipped fast and priced appropriately as well