Worbla Mesh Art Thermoplastic Sheets for Cosplay & Crafts

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Worbla Mesh Art Thermoplastic Sheets for Cosplay & Crafts

Worbla Mesh Art is a mesh reinforced thermoplastic sheet that has also been partially made from recycled rice husks, as we are always looking to create more sustainable, environmentally conscious products. Worbla Mesh Art is activated by heat (approx. 80-90° / 175-195°F), becomes moldable and shapeable by hand when activated, and as all Worbla Products can be reheated endlessly until the desired shape is achieved.

Many of our tutorials on Worbla.com have suggested reinforcing areas for grommets and strapping/D-rings with Wonderflex, another thermoplastic you may be familiar with. Mesh art aims to provide the strength and tear-resistance that Wonderflex provides, while offering a cleaner, easier product with Worbla’s familiar sculpting properties.  Complete your Cosplay using any of the products from the Cosplay lineup!

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