Lumin's Workshop Hard-Lite EVA Foam Small Sheet

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Lumin's Workshop Hard-Lite EVA Foam Small Sheet

Lumin's Workshop Hard-Lite EVA Foam Small Sheet is the perfect prop making foam. Hard-Lite EVA is incredibility durable and stiff. Hard-Lite is perfect for creating super durable pieces. Hard-Lite holds very sharp and angular details. Hard-Lite is around half the weight of other EVA foams of a similar hardness.  Check out the entire Lumin's Workshop product line including Foam Clay and Scales!

How to use:

  • Cut with a SHARP hobby or stanley knife
  • Heat form piece as needed using a heat gun, a lot of heat is required for the Hard-Lite (a hair dryer will not be hot enough!)
  • Glue with Contact Cement
  • Prime your finished piece with Flexbond or Plastidip
  • Paint with flexible paints

Technical Data: 

*While we do everything we can to keep our products as consistent as possible, the manufacturing process of EVA foam can cause slight variation and surface imperfections in the foam. Please allow for a Shore Hardness of +/-3

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